About Us

PT. Samanata Surya Semesta known as Samanata Trip Organizer. Our company focus on  tour and travel that  give you one-stop-services as well as  solution for the traveller.

Established in 2012, We are focused on tour and travel that provide one - stop solution to put forward the quality of service and consumers satisfaction.

With the support of our expertise team and extensive networks, we offer the excellent quality tour packages with diverse thematic packages and luxury depending upon the traveler’s need.

We are accessible to provide the unique demand or tailor-made itinerary in accordance with traveler’s need.

With determination and commitment, we become trustworthy for inbound tour operators in Indonesia and offer you 24/7 hours services that include travel planning, itinerary design, hotel bookings, ticket reservations and transport facilities. We are a reliable and a reputable partner, we always offer the best for our guests and our partners.

With strong dedication and innovation, we become a professional Trip Organizer and we are ready the show you World of Wonders in Indonesia.


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